Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Agenda Science and Technology Department at January 2011

  1. at 15.30 – 17.00, 07 january 2011 : MONTHLY MEETING @ sekretariat IAAS (about STD next program, FST, pay “kas”, sharing, home work @person, etc.)
  2. 08 january – 20 february 2011 is HOLIDAY for Us (STD crew)!
  3. HOME WORK :
a)      Miss. Dina : get news and share your opinion about organic farming and global warming
b)      Mr. Dwi : about milk powder (processing how to make milk powder, fortification, etc.)
c)       Miss. Elis : about guava “jambu merah” (history, characteristic, functionaly for healthy, etc.)
d)      Mr. Hendry : about seafood (how to handling and processing)
e)      Mr. Moch. Zaenal : about postharvest of hortikultura (handling and processing)
f)       Miss. Nining : about cheese (variety from different country)
g)      Mr. Rio : about diving
h)      Miss. Rurin : about “arwana” and “mujair” fish
i)        Mr. Wahyu : what different about fast food vs junk food
j)        Mr. Wondo : about meat ball, noodle, yoghurt and ice cream
k)      Mr. Arya : all about Bali island
Send to : aga_1705@yahoo.com, maximal 20 February 2011.

Literature from journal, book, e-book, etc.
A4 paper, 3 – 5 paragraf, with picture is better…

IAAS Exchange Program : Want you to go to Tajikistan?

Dear Arya Ulilalbab Assalamu aleykum va rahmatullohi va barakatuh

How are you, job, mood, health?

nice to hear, that somebody have interest to make a trainee in Tajikistan!
I think that you are the firthst condidate to wanna have ExPro in our
country since our Comittee rebult.

Yes, about conditions in tajikistan. It is no like european countries yet.
You have to pick a cotton on the fild and help to farmers. It is pity
that our Farmers don't know english language, that is why, you get
support to communicate at the fild. We have enough IAAS members in
Tajikistan, which speak english very well and will help you as a
translator during you stay in our beautiful country Tajikistan! It is
FREE for you.

What about accommodation, its depend on Farmer or IAAS comittee. If
farmers have no a place for you, IAAS Tajikistan will orgenize it for
you for FREE :)

What about field, at the moment just "Pick up the Cotton on the fild".

Your Fee depends of your work, it is approximatly 50-150 USD a
monthly. Of course the Food for FREE.

Other interesting brunch in Agriculture for a trainee will be announce
later. You have to give us more and clear information about your
brunch which you prefer to work. Please register youself in IAAS
DateBase! After we can find more matched brunch for your trainee.

I hope, that I gave you enough information about trainee in
Tajikistan, if you have more questions, please feel free, becouse you

Dear Arya Ulilalbab which languages do you speak? How old are you?
Have you an expirience on the field?

best wishes
sharif Jabborov

That’s reply from national exchange coordinator IAAS Tajikistan, may be any IAAS member want to go to there...
More information about Tajikistan :
> http://www.neweurasia.net/category/tajikistan/;
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/country_profiles/1296639.stm;

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Screening Panitia Food Science Training (FST) - IAAS

Telah dibuka screening Food Science Training (diklat pembuatan yoghurt, ice cream, bakso). Screening dilaksanakan pada hari rabu - jum'at (22 - 24 desember 2010) jam 15.30 - 17.00 di sekretariat IAAS. Untuk menempati posisi : transkoper (2 orang), sponsorship (3 orang), PDD (2 orang)...
Let's join with us!

Nb. : 
1. Pembuatan yoghurt, ice cream dan pemerahan susu di Balai Besar Pelatihan Peternakan (BBPP) Songgoriti, Batu. Pembuatan bakso di THP Bakery - Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan, Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian, Universitas Brawijaya Malang
2. Prasyarat screening : pernah mengikuti IOP - IAAS

CP :
Wondo (FP) : 085649644581
Rio (FPIK) : 085645132466
Nining (FMIPA) : 085649105377
Arya (FTP) : 085648659990

Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Mentos + Coca-cola = Meledak ??

A little boy died in Brazil after eating MENTOS and drinking Coca-Cola / PEPSI together.
One year before the same accident happened with another boy in Brazil.
Please check the experiment that has been done by mixing Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Light) with MENTOS.
So becareful with your self eating MENTOS (POLO’s) and drinking COCA-COLA or PEPSI together.

coca cola + mentos

nyembur, tinggi bgt

meledak & isinya keluar

bayangkan, jika itu terjadi di lambung manusia?

isinya muncrat keluar